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Sunday, 28 July 2019

This is me

Hi I'm Gwen, a Clinical Massage Therapist and I ❤️ working with people to reconnect their body and mind. ⠀

Working together, we use lots of hands on techniques and questions to acknowledge tension, identify areas to work on and to support change that helps you to move forward into a place of wellbeing.⠀

I don't fix people but help you to find a place where you are supported to heal. There is no magic wand! Just like a plaster cast doesn't fix a broken arm; it limits further damage and provides support and direction while your body mends itself.⠀

I work with clients who are currently receiving treatment for cancer at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital in Bedfordshire and those who are still feeling the effects after their treatment ends.  

Massage can help ease the tension and discomfort that accumulates from scans, waiting on results, the physical and mental strain of numerous appointments and the overall emotional toll.  Some gentle techniques are used that can help support recovery, help you rest in a more comfortable position, reduce anxiety and help you breathe easier.  As you regain your health, we work together on any scars and towards regaining your range of comfortable movement.

I don't promise you'll be pain free after 1 session. Your body may have been working hard to hold a pattern that supports or protects you in some way and that may take time to recognise and change. 1 hour in the clinic vs 167 hours a week left to your own devices...⠀

Just like brushing your teeth, some things we have to keep doing regularly to maintain our health. ⠀

I believe there is always something we can do and that change is possible. It's not always easy and does mean action on your part - but you're doing this to improve your health and wellbeing for today and all your tomorrow's. ⠀

If you have questions about whether Clinical Massage Therapy could help you, please get in touch and let's find out!⠀

Best wishes, Gwen 🙂 ⠀

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Perfect Eyebrows

Just so you know, I really don't mind if you have fuzzy eyebrows, beautifully neat eyebrows, no eyebrows or somewhere inbetween.  Eyebrows or not, you are still absolutely able to enjoy Massage Therapy with me 😊😊  book now and let's discover how you can feel better.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Why do we sweat? - John Murnan

Alongside heat regulation, sweating can occur as a response to a stressful situation.  This simple response can help us to become aware of potential triggers that our conscious selves have failed to notice.

The part of our brain that's noticing everything and constantly risk-assessing will always notice potential threats, once we notice the signs we can start to action changes that can reduce the risk and help our nervous system recalibrate.

#connection  #wellbeing #stress #change

Monday, 1 July 2019

Amazing armpits

Let's talk about armpits.

Often overlooked and underappreciated. I often wonder just how much we know about the products we apply day in day out.

These products are in close contact with delicate skin, some designed to be absorbed, to coat and protect, to soften and moisturise, others to make us smell nice.

Along with the drive to look at packaging and reduce non-recyclable waste, I've been trialling natural deodorants.

Here's my thoughts on the selection so far.

Weleda Pomegranate Deodorant  A roll on fluid with a fruity and lightly floral fresh scent.

Pros - Fragrance comes from natural essential oils, it's vegan, no mineral oil, no aluminium salts, no synthetic fragrance, no synthetic colour, no synthetic preservatives, Natrue Certified
Cons - Plastic container, fluid can be slow to dry (wave your hands in the air!)

Jason Apricot Deodorant  A stick with subtle fruity scent

Pros - Contains apricot oil and vitamin E which is nourishing for dry skin, no parabens or phthalates, no aluminum, no propylene glycol, no petrolatum, smooth slick application with no drag (feels like a light wax melting onto skin), vegan
Cons - plastic container, light coverage is perceptible on skin (but not sticky) 

We Love The Planet Orange Deodorant  A stick with fresh fruity scent

Pros - 100% natural, no synthetic ingredients, no aluminium, scent is zingy, maize starch helps ensure your armpits don't feel wet, cardboard container
Cons - product can be a bit resistant to move up cardboard tube and be a bit hard on skin in cool weather and can be a little soft in warm weather, texture is more of a paste than a cream, contains beeswax

The main downside (or benefit) about using deodorant is that it doesn't stop you from perspiring/sweating.  Sweating is a really effective way of regulating temperature quickly and a great way for you to get back in touch with what your body needs throughout the day.  More on this to follow. 

Just in case you were wondering, no I don't mind if your armpits are smooth or hairy, dry or sweaty.  If we're massaging around the area (to relieve tension in the shoulder or soften scars from cancer treatment) we can always use a drape to prevent any pulling or slipping. 

There is no need for you to be concerned about the appearance of your armpits and your comfort remains our priority during your massage therapy treatment with me. 😊

Friday, 28 June 2019

Brave and sweaty

On being brave and sweaty.

I recently decided spur of the moment to take a friend up on her offer to join her at a new exercise class - she promised it would be fun.

I'm not one for 'exercise' having visited the gym only a handful of times over the course of my lifetime and not enjoying it enough to return again for many years each time.

Not known for my coordination or grace, I've previously struggled with aerobics classes because I couldn't get the feet in the right place in the right time to avoid collision with other people in front, behind and to either side of me.  Zumba was not for me but was, I'm sure, entertaining for the bendy people with rhythm who were rocking it.

Sorry to all those I've almost stepped on and clashed elbows with over the years!

Anyway, there it was, before I could change my mind I'd committed myself to it, so off I went.

The lovely friendly instructor greeted me and made sure I was unlikely to collapse during the class, took my money and I was in.  Brief instructions were given and the music started.

It soon became clear the instructor knew a lot more about dance moves, positioning and timing that I've picked up from watching Strictly over the last few seasons.  All fine, I can do this I thought to myself.  I couldn't.  My weight was over the wrong leg to do the kicks, I crossed the wrong foot and was in the wrong place for the next move, don't even get me started on the body position or hand placement!

Do you know what?  It didn't matter.  I bumped elbows with a couple of people, did lots of ad hoc steps to stay in roughly the same place as everyone else and slowed down when I couldn't keep up.  Laughing helped.  As I relaxed about not knowing it all and tried to keep up with the next moves I noticed other people were getting through it too. I didn't know the steps let alone the routines but it didn't matter.  We all made it to the end of class.  

Having achieved my target to get out of my comfort zone and get moving I was both proud and relieved. And hot and sweaty too but that's by the by.

If you're considering a new class, worry less about what you look like - trust me, pretty much everyone will look pink, sweaty and tired at the end of it - and just get out there and give it a go.  You never know what you're capable of until you do, you might just have fun too!

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Relaxing Facial Massage

Do you ever grind your teeth in times of stress? Massage can help release tension in the jaw muscles that contribute to TMJ issues.  Get in touch to book a treatment now and let's get to work on restoring correct function and reducing that pain 😊

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

From autism to cerebral palsy – Tim Nelson talks disability massage therapy

Listen as Tim Nelson talks about his career as a massage therapist working with clients with various physical and emotional challenges and how they have benefitted.

Clinical massage therapy can help release tension in muscles and reduce symptoms of anxiety helping you move and rest well.

Drop me a line to chat about how clinical massage therapy can help you or your loved one.